PONY cycling was founded to provide a new cycling apparel experience for cyclists around the world with particular attention to sunny and warm climate.

We are cyclists for many years. Road many kits and now we make what we think is the one and the best we can offer to you.

We can honestly, and proud to say, we sell only what we would ride. In fact it is the very reason why we started this company. To bring to you what we could not find.

We pride ourselves to offer only the best of materials, workmanship and design.

All materials are Italian prime and manufacturing is Italian best.

The only thing not Italian are the socks, they are American cause we found the best to be American.

It took more time and effort to bring it to life only because we could not compromise not even on the smallest of details.

Our manufacturers had to go to the drawing board more then once in order to meat our demands.

Had to come to understand what it is we are asking – what it is we are trying to achieve.

Many ideas are still in the making. For every idea that we finish, at least 2 other come to mind.

Every time we set the bar higher and higher. 

This is our passion, our way of life.

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